Recognized as one of the best international guitarists, Gabriel Bianco gives in each of his concerts a supplement of art. On stage, Gabriel and his guitar become just one. The elegance and the colors of his playing exude a unique approach to the repertoire he explores, especially romantic and Spanish music, as well as contemporary works. Since the beginning of his career, Gabriel Bianco has performed in many of the most renowned festivals and concert halls: Pablo Casals Festival in Prades, Estivales du Médoc, Jeudis Musicaux de Royan (France), Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada, Tchaïkovsky Hall in Moscow, Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Luis Angel Arango library of Bogotá, Festival Cervantino in Mexico and the Central Conservatory in Beijing. Gabriel shapes his repertoire as a creator, polishing the slightest details until a perfect result. With such a determination, he won early first prizes in international contests. As soon as he graduated from the French CNSMDP (Centre National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse of Paris), Gabriel Bianco won in 2007 the Koblenz International Guitar Competition “Hubert Käppel” and the prestigious « Guitar Foundation of America » in San Francisco in 2008 . In 2011, he was nominated “Révélation classique” from the ADAMI (France).

gabriel-9Gabriel’s intense and elegant playing brings him to perform all around the world. In 2016, the guitarist gave concerts in Russia in tribute to the great Nikita Koshkin, in Mexico, Romania, Italy, Germany or even the Ukraine, Kosovo and Bulgaria. Since the beginning of his career, he has played in more than 36 countries such as England, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United-States of America, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Jordan, Algeria, Thailand, China, India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, East Timor and his native France.

216854_345652382189181_1069335447_nBeyond his soloist career, Gabriel Bianco dedicates himself to selected chamber music projects, among them, the Quatuor Eclisses, a quartet he founded in 2012 with his friends from the CNSMDP. Audacity, virtuosity and connivance on stage are the keys to this rare project which takes Gabriel to go further into his art by realizing arrangements of works for guitar quartet. A Savarez strings artist, Gabriel Bianco has recorded two solo albums. His latest, Capricci, was released in 2016 by Ad Vitam Records.